I don't know, but I am planning on finding out.

Arthur christmas is seriously an underrated christmas film.
It came out last year in the cinema but I never really went to see it, now flicking through my watchlist on Imbd for a christmas film to watch I found Arthur Christmas, and I am so glad I did!

Arthur Christmas tells the tale of how Father Christmas gets around the entire world in one night, and his family including Grandfather christmas, his wife, and his two sons.
The youngest son is named Arthur, who cares alot for the children of the world and answers their letters to santa.
And when one little girl in Cornwall doesn’t get her christmas gift by mistake, and epic adventure begins!

The movie has alot of great characters and humor, but it also shows alot of different parts of the world, not just america as most christmas films.
It also has a great cast in voice actors and some very unique character designs.

I also really liked this film because there was no “villian” or evil, there is just a complicated adventurous journey that really gets you in a christmas mood. 

I just watched it today and it has definately made its way into one of my favourite christmas films!
And I hope more people will watch it this year as it got WAY too little attention last year.
So watch it noooow!!! 

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